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AEROSIL® (Evonik) Nanoscale pyroxene silica, used as rheology additive and free-flowing agent. ACEMATT® (Evonik) Matting agents, which are used for matting the surfaces of lacquer, paints and plastics.
AERODISP® (Evonik) Dispersions of AEROSIL® are used in a wide  field of surface refinement (e.g. paints, vanishes and polishing paste). Silicon oil and silicon emulsions Silicon oils having a viscosity from 1 to 1.000.000 (usable as lubricant) and silicon emulsions (usable as lubricant or separating Agent)
SIPERNAT® (Evonik) Precipitated silica: This product can be used as a free flowing agent to transform liquids into powder.

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