A.+E. Fischer-Chemie

A.+E. Fischer-Chemie, a distributor for chemical products, supplies, together with his  subsidiary  Theo Seulberger GmbH + Co KG in Karlsruhe (, the consumer of chemical products throughout the Federal Republic of Germany with a needs-based chemical inventory.

Due to our reliability, creativity and flexibility our trading house has been successful for more than 130 years, always meeting our customers’ demands. Our versatile activities are based on high quality standards, spacious storekeeping, adapted capacity of transporting, our joy of innovation, our close contact to our customers and suppliers and our secure handling of chemical products. Varying from practical, on schedule and environmental friendly problem solving in the field of specialized products to container traffic and expert advice concerning oversea projects.

A company with history: 130 years A.+E. Fischer-Chemie

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