Company History

A.+E. Fischer-Chemie,  A company with history, tradition and future perspectives

At the beginning of our company´s history is a small drugstore, chemicals- and dye dealer Fischer Roesch est. 1879.

The founder Georg Roesch soon retired from business and his Adolf Fischer succeeded in winning his male cousin Ernst Fischer as his new partner. On May, 1st of 1880 the family-enterprise A.+ E. Fischer is founded and this name is kept until now.

In 1926 the company expanded in the area of south-west Germany by the acquisition of the company Theo Seulberger. The company´s extension was
pushed by the acquisition of more companies in the north (Reher & Ramsden, Hamburg) and in the south (Wilhelm Graen, Munich) and the cooperation with the Penta-Group.

With the renaming in A. + E. Fischer-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG, the company emphasizes his clear focus on the safe and resposible handling of chemicals.

Nowadays our company uses an high standard quality management (DIN ISO 9001:2000)system. In addition we take part in the responsible care program of the chemical suppliers association with ensures by generous stock-keeping and a very good product knowledge that our customers are
always satisfied with our services.Practical on time and ecologically friendly solutions are self-evident.

On this basis A. + E. Fischer-Chemie is positioned as a established, versatile company that takes on the demands and wishes of his customers